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— Dhyana

Ayurvedic Health Consultation and Pulse Assessment

Nutrition and Lifestyle/Self Care counseling: Based on your unique birth constitution, and your current state of  being


Dinacharya -Daily Routines & Practices 
6am -10am Kapha time: Rise with the Sun, Hydrate and Nourish, Eliminate, Physical Movement/Exercise, breakfast
10am -2pm Pitta time: Digestion is strongest when the sun is overhead. Lunch Eat biggest meal midday
2pm – 6pm Vata time: Replenish nervous system and hydrate. Sip on hot water or soothing herbal tea. Time of creative intelligence
6pm – 10 pm Kapha time: Lighter dinner. Wind down, begin to feel sleepy. 
Go to bed by 10 pm
10:00 pm – 2:00 am Pitta time: If asleep, the body will detoxify and repair, if still awake the liver can’t clean house
2:00 am – 6:00 am Vata time: Sleep, dream, meditate 


    •    Childhood - Springtime of life from infancy into teens. A time of rapid growth. Ruled by Kapha Earth and Water elements
    •    Adulthood and mid-life - time of productivity; making a living, creating a family. Ruled by Pitta Fire and Water elements
    •    Aging and Elderhood – The body is slowing down and spirit connection is strengthened. Ruled by Vata ~Air and Ether elements

Season (these qualities vary depending on where one lives) 
    •    Spring (warm, lush, green, rainy): Kapha
    •    Spring (warm, dry, windy): Vata
    •    Summer (hot, dry): Vata, pitta
    •    Early autumn (hot, rainy): Pitta
    •    Late autumn (cool, windy): Vata
    •    Winter (cold, dry, windy): Vata; heavy dampness can add kapha

With kindness, compassion, and maturity born of deep experience, Dhyana delivers tailored healing sessions that weave together her many skills.
— CL