Client Testimonials

♡ Dhyana, I want to thank you so very much for your role in helping us find our wedding day. Your insight and assistance will forever be imprinted on our lives in so many ways! We really did have a perfect wedding day - It was a stunningly gorgeous day in Bodega Bay- sunny, very little wind, everything went smoothly - we and our guests were on cloud nine - everyone was floating with the love and bliss of the day. It was AMAZING. EVERYONE was talking about how the day really did seem star struck and blessed....So we can't thank you enough. -- M.B.

♡ I have known Dhyana Bohnet as a peer in class, as an Ayurvedic practitioner and body worker, and as teacher and mentor. In all of these contexts, Dhyana has been a compassionate and caring person; her contributions in class enhance my knowledge; as a practitioner she helped me manage my symptoms, and I cannot say enough good things about her roles as mentor and a teacher.

I worked as an intern at a public health clinic that has an Ayurvedic component. I had the opportunity to witness Dhyana working with clients. She is a careful and compassionate listener. This allows her to use her knowledge of Ayurvedic and other remedies to great effect. As my mentor, I am most grateful to Dhyana for her compassion and understanding of me and my work as an intern. Dhyana has been a very important teacher and has helped me develop my understanding and practice of Ayurveda.   --  TC

♡ Dhyana has been with me through many years of health challenges. She is always a breath of fresh air and brings forth unconditional love and presence to her work. One of the qualities I love so much and find so rarely is that Dhyana walks her talk and she exemplifies her work through her deeply balanced life style and her own self care practices. She has been a teacher and a guide, a friend and a wise one, her constant studies and interests have benefited me highly.                          -- Past and Current Client

♡ Dhyana has an amazing breadth of knowledge about healing with nutrition, energy practices, and biomedical tools. She has shared her deep presence and loving heart with me during challenging moments, which has been very healing for me. Her vast background in the healing arts truly enables her to be a powerful alchemical healer with great gifts to share. I highly recommend her.   -- Michaela McGivern, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practitioner

♡ Dhyana Bohnet embodies the essence of Presence and Healing.  Her refined and attuned sensitivity to the subtle in terms of energy flow, and to the practical in terms of sacred herbs and food preparations is grounded in tradition. Being in her compassionate Presence and receiving direction and guidance to greater health and harmony is your good fortune.
-- Dr. Laura Barry, Chiropractic Healing Arts

♡ Regarding Dhyana ~ A clear stream of healing talent, she is sensitive to need and aware of strength. The possibilities are limitless for her as she moves through life in a path of light.  -- JV, Artist

♡ With kindness, compassion, and maturity born of deep experience, Dhyana delivers tailored healing sessions that weave together her many skills. Dhyana’s touch is gentle, skilled, and potent. She has applied warm compresses, massaged me, sung over me, cooked for me, and encouraged me along my path of healing. I am grateful for her contributions to my health on so many levels.       -- CL

♡ I am grateful to have found Dhyana. Her caring presence, synthesis of Ayurvedic healing, herbalism and energy work create a healing practice that has helped me through many issues in my life. Her work is very important in these challenging times.    -- MG

♡ Dhyana brought a depth, clarity and understanding of self to her reading of my Vedic chart. She was able to blend essential information in the midst of much complexity so that the main points became accessible to me and I received a stronger confirmation of the being that I am. Dhyana framed the reading in such a way I was able to view challenging information from a more empowered, psychologically integrative perspective. Her treatment of sensitive, personal information is gentle and respectful.   -- MS

♡ Dhyana's Vedic Astrology reading changed the way I look at myself. It was extremely empowering. I trust her sensibilities implicitly. She is a way shower and true healer.  -- KC

♡ I feel very fortunate that I found Dhyana Bohnet to help me with various physical issues over the past few years.  She has a deep understanding of health and healing, a background of years of study and practice of Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy. She is also very knowledgeable in treating health problems with western holistic protocols and herbs.  Dhyana has been a tremendous help and support in my attaining good health and well-being, and I highly recommend her.    -- AN

♡ Dhyana helped me tremendously prior to a complicated eye surgery.  She performed multiple sessions of Ayurvedic treatments gently pouring warm ghee over my eyes. She massaged them gently while making prayers for healing.
Together with a tremendous body of knowledge in Jyotish, Dhyana’s multiple skills make her presence be the embodiment of an accomplished healer. She is beautiful and wise, yet soft spoken, calm, kind and simply angelic.  -- MP

♡ Dhyana gave me powerful insights and beautiful support around major life transitions I'm currently experiencing. Her jyotish reading helped to validate past experiences, center me in self knowledge and prepare me for what lay ahead. I'm forever grateful!  -- CC