Ayurvedic Health Consultation and Pulse Assessment

Nutrition and Lifestyle/Self Care Counseling: 
Based on your Unique Birth Constitution, and Your Current State of Being

When we live in harmony with Natures Laws, we align with a deep support that optimizes our energy, immunity, and even our natural state of happiness.
Looking at the balance of the five elements in the bodymind we find: 

  • Stability and Flow = (earth and water element- Kapha)

  • Nourishment and Transformation = (fire and water element- Pitta)

  • Quality of Mind and Energy = (air and ether element-Vata)


Each person is a unique combination of the 5 elements with a primary and often secondary energy (dosha) known in Ayurveda as prakruti, (nature), referring to your birth constitution. 
In a pulse consultation, your unique birth constitution is revealed. 
Here “Aha" moments of self-recognition are awakened, honoring your physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics. 
Equally important, your present health balance is assessed in detail, providing insight into the current state of the organs, channels, tissues and energetic body. 
In light of the knowledge of your constitution and your current state of health, specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations are made, that align with you and your current circumstances.

Reading the pulse in Ayurveda (Nadi Vignanam) is an amazing art and science for assessment, and can also be a therapeutic modality. I find it so interesting that by naming a found irregularity in the pulse, it will often begin to normalize, as though the bodies own innate intelligence hears and begins to move back into balance. 
People often comment on how healing and relaxing a pulse assessment feels. 

With a follow-up consultation, we chart changes in the pulse, adjust remedies as needed, supporting the process towards your health goals. 

This assessment also takes into account your health history, what is seen, heard and observed with the senses, including intuition, as well as inquiring with specific questions to understand the root cause and the best course forward.
Your Vedic astrology chart (Ayur-Jyotish) can be consulted for greater understanding of your nature and the current situation you are in.
                          Special Areas of Clinical Experience Include: Digestive Wellness, Cancer Support, Aging and Longevity.


Dinacharya -Daily Routines & Practices 
6am -10am KAPHA time: Rise with the Sun, Hydrate and Nourish, Eliminate, Physical Movement/Exercise, breakfast
10am -2pm PITTA time: Digestion is strongest when the sun is overhead. Lunch Eat biggest meal midday
2pm – 6pm VATA time: Replenish nervous system and hydrate. Sip on hot water or soothing herbal tea. Time of creative intelligence
6pm – 10 pm KAPHA time: Lighter dinner. Wind down, begin to feel sleepy. 
Go to bed by 10 pm
10:00 pm – 2:00 am PITTA time: If asleep, the body will detoxify and repair, if still awake the liver can’t clean house
2:00 am – 6:00 am VATA time: Sleep, dream, meditate 



    •    Childhood - Springtime of life from infancy into teens. A time of rapid growth. Ruled by Kapha (Earth & Water)
    •    Adulthood and Mid-Life - time of productivity; making a living, creating a family. Ruled by Pitta (Fire & Water)
    •    Aging and Elderhood – The body is slowing down and spirit connection is strengthened. Ruled by Vata (Earth & Water)

The Seasons (these qualities vary depending on where one lives) 
    •    Spring (warm, lush, green, rainy): Kapha
    •    Spring (warm, dry, windy): Vata
    •    Summer (hot, dry): Vata, pitta
    •    Early autumn (hot, rainy): Pitta
    •    Late autumn (cool, windy): Vata
    •    Winter (cold, dry, windy): Vata; heavy dampness can add kapha

With kindness, compassion, and maturity born of deep experience, Dhyana delivers tailored healing sessions that weave together her many skills.
— CL