Earth & Water

* Tendency to Cold, Wet and Heavy qualities

* Anabolic Type which Builds and Stabilizes the Physical Body. Ample, Stocky or Round Bodytype

* The Strongest, Most Stable Constitution; Grounded and Earthy, with Potential for Great Longevity

KEYWORD is NOURISH: Is Flowing, Easy- Going

* Can Thrive on Two Meals a Day

Kaphas are natural caregivers. They give the best bear hugs!
Correlates with spring season and the childhood stage of life
Balance by emphasizing light, hot (pungent), and dry (astringent)

 This stability of the earth element, coupled with the moistness of water element can lead to the equivalent of mud in the body, mucous congestion and the build up of stagnation, or dams in the rivers of the body and mind. 


  • WET and earthy Kapha benefits from 40% raw and 60% cooked foods

  • More raw in the summer and more cooked in the winter

  • Eat a diet of high fiber from fresh vegetables - leafy greens Leeks, cooked onions, squash, asparagus, beets, carrots, radish daikon garlic, green beans, with whole grains like quinoa, millet and amaranth

  • Include lean meats i.e. white poultry meat, buffalo, freshwater fish. Coconut or sunflower oil

  • Soaking beans and whole grains before cooking makes them easier to digest, and use enzymatic spices such as ginger, cumin, fennel and coriander. Triphala herb formula for weight loss and digestive regulation, sloughs ama in digestive tract. Use pungent/ heating spices: to stimulate metabolism. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar as does gymnema sylvestra herb

  • Cook with savory herbs. Parsley, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, cardamom, anise, asefetida, fenugreek, basil etc.

  • Kapha can benefit from the hotter, spicy herbs and chili peppers the best of the 3 types

  • Weight gain and water retention can be an issue

  • Relax briefly after eating, then go for a walk

  • Motivation, exercise and stimulation help keep kapha dosha balanced


  • Kapha dosha is increased by the sweet taste, so most sweeteners should be avoided

  • Avoid excess bread, pasta, pastries, hard cheese

  • Sweet cereals with cold milk increases kapha

Mantra for Kapha Dosha: 
Exercise Your Powerful Body and Honor Self -Care