Jyotish Astrology, The Science of Light

A Vedic astrology reading can ignite the necessary insight,
energy and awareness to make positive life changes ~


A Jyotish, or Vedic astrology consultation can provide a deeper understanding of yourself, your life experiences, and your path to fulfillment.  

Having awareness of current and future planetary cycles and the influences that are unfolding, attunes you to the path your soul has chosen.

Dhyana brought a depth, clarity and understanding of self to her reading of my Vedic chart. I received a stronger confirmation of the being that I am.
— M.S.
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A Vedic Astrology consultation with Dhyana:

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*Highlights your innate talents and skills

*A tool for expanding self-knowledge and awareness

*Guides your choices to be wiser in all areas such as your health, relationships, career and finances

*Provides a potent reference point during major life changes  

*Prepares you to wisely navigate the cycles of opportunity and challenges that naturally arise

*Empowers and motivates personal growth and healing


... the eclipses may be providing the fire to ignite these changes as well.... the clarity feels infused with truth telling and energy. Thank you for being an exquisite and skillful guide. You are truly in the flow of your calling.
— SG

The Jyotish horoscope is quite helpful when determining indications for health and dis-ease. The combining of Ayurveda and Jyotish (AyurJyotish) is part of the sacred tradition, utilizing the wisdom of the birth chart to affirm the knowledge of one's constitution (Prakruti) or body type. Current planetary cycles and transits are also identified indicating which areas are likely to be activated and as importantly, their timing of activation.

With AyurJyotish we can see key indicators for one's constitution. For example, the position and condition of the Sun in the chart indicates one's core constitutional vitality. Also the importance of the condition of the rising sign/1st house of self and physical body, and it’s ruler.

We also examine the present state of health or imbalance (Vikruti), by looking at the astrological houses relating to diet and food, daily routines and lifestyle habits (dinacharya), acute and chronic illness, and the emotional well being and the mind. 

Remarkably, we can look at the Kalapurusha- the Cosmic Human that unfolds around the zodiac of 12 houses, showing all parts of the body - the organs, the limbs, the tissues (dhatus), glands, and planetary influences on these areas in the chart.

We can see when these areas are most likely to be activated by transit and the person’s personal current planetary period or Dasha. Bringing awareness to these areas supports the practice of Prevention with both Ayurvedic and Jyotish remedies.

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Auspicious Date Selection…

“Dhyana, I want to thank you so very much for your role in helping us find our wedding day. Your insight and assistance will forever be imprinted on our lives in so many ways! We really did have a perfect wedding day - It was a stunningly gorgeous day in Bodega Bay- sunny, very little wind, everything went smoothly - we and our guests were on cloud nine - everyone was floating with the love and bliss of the day. It was AMAZING. EVERYONE was talking about how the day really did seem star struck and blessed....So we can't thank you enough.” M.B.